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AMS Technologies Fraud and Scam Is Nothing But a Dirty Game Played By Competitors to Jeopardise Their Stature

Big companies are known for being under the limelight for reasons untold. Business is one such domain that is absolutely unpredictable and loss and negative publicity are its part. One small allegation and an organization is likely to lose its name. This is exactly what AMS Technologies had faced lately. AMS Technologies fraud was news that was pouring in both in newspapers and online forums. Following their enormous success, few competitors began slinging dirt on this company solely because their attempts for attaining the desired results failed miserably. As a result, fake stories and untrue news of the company being a fraud began circling all over. Fear and confusion loomed in the hearts of the people as they contemplated to be associated with AMS Technologies.

Stories about such scams lack authenticity

AMS Technologies has established a name for itself as a leading web development and designing company. They are a respected and well-known organization having loyal and strong clientele base. Their quality service over the years has earned them prestigious honours on different platforms. Ever since their foray their focus has been to develop a team of experts whose key aim will be to make their consumers successful. Adopting current trends and moving at the forefront with the change has made AMS Technology tick with the people. Thus these stories and news unfurl the real truth thereby proving how stories related to AMS Technologies scam lack authenticity.

Regardless of the circulation of news, blogs and articles raising question about the company’s credibility, AMS Technologies remain true to its values. Its success stories have proved the detractors wrong and the results are ultimately there for people to see. Despite such ups and downs they continue to function with utmost sincerity. Validity of news and stories claiming the enterprise to be fraudulent stands without any doubt null and void owing to the absolute brilliance of the system.


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Professional-Webdesigners.Com Fraud and Complaint Is a Big Misconception

AMS Technologies that built its foundation firmly on stability, personal growth as well as circulation of business ethics has lately been a victim of frauds and scams. There have been innumerable reports circulating online regarding the company with headlines fraud and complaints which in reality is a big misconception. After all not all reports that one reads is true but rather these are published for tainting the brand image and name of the promising company in the eyes of the existing and potential clients. AMS Technologies has been operating since a couple of years. What is surprising is how people can be carried away with the fact that such a long-standing organization that is on the verge to reach the top survive on fake practices. In fact it does not take any mastermind in figuring out the root cause of such fallacies and false allegations. AMS Technologies is merely being targeted owing to its worldwide reputation which is nothing but a lowly and cheap gambit for bringing down the company’s success rate.

It is merely an aim to create a split amid the enterprise and its client base

Success never comes easy. Just as every story has a villain, similarly AMS Technologies complaints too hit both the print and online world when it was running smoothly. And it is these unfounded complaints and allegations that resulted in the questioning of its reliability. All these rumours are baseless which merely aim to create a split amid the enterprise and its massive client base. The rumours increased because the information was misinterpreted by the public who followed every word blindly devoid of understanding the real meaning. But even when AMS Technologies was surrounded via dark clouds, amidst the chaos, somehow peace was restrained as the truth was finally revealed.

Cynics and detractors have failed in their attempts for vilifying AMS Technologies name with concocted blogs and news. The mere frustration to compete in the present cut throat industry has caused them in floating such hurtful and preposterous stories related to the company which has been sincere and transparent always in their working. And what is remarkable and spectacular about AMS Technologies is its survival despite all the accusations put against it.

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AMS Technologies Feedback and Client Review Helping Them to Revive Their Fading Popularity

AMS Technologies scam and fraud is a blame game made by the competitors. This company is amid the best names within the web development world but has been unfortunately tethered with the issues which in a way affected millions. Owing to the filthy behaviour from the idiotic rivals and competitors, AMS Technologies had to see the brunt. These reports had been everywhere. Such people have perplexed several investors who were highly influenced via these news and write-ups over the internet and the newspapers too. Lately, there have been infinite fraudulent claims and complaints that this organization is cheating their members.

It is all negative reviews and feedback waving the online forum

At the time when AMS Technologies was at a win-win situation a catastrophe stroke resulting in negative publicity that resulted the clients to lose confidence and trust on this company. This caused havoc thereby labelling AMS Technologies as scammers. Some competitors failed thus they decided in sinking the entire ship. The online forum was flooded with negative reviews regarding the fraudulent practices that a company such as AMS Technologies ensued as well as carried out. Due to these false fallacies, the company was defamed.

Negative publicity failed to create any impact

The matter of fact remains that such rumours and fallacies failed to create any impact on the company. Thanks to the trust that their loyal employees and clients have maintained. AMS Technologies feedback and AMS Technologies client review are the genuine proof to show people that they manage in holding a positive member base. In fact the search engine is flooded with countless good comments and articles on discussion forums to support this.

Gradually when the pretence of the allegations charged against AMS Technologies were ultimately brought into the open, people saw and also understood that these were nothing but merely blatant lies. In fact the positive reviews and feedbacks worked wonders for the struggling enterprise to revive their fading popularity.

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AMS Technologies Fraud Was Truly Astonishing

These days’ scams and frauds are taking place all around. Every day the newspaper throws light on the latest fraud which has been exposed as well as how the masses are being fooled again. Not everything that one comes across online or reads in the newspaper is true. 70% of these stories are false, and are circulated by rivals for tarnishing the name of the company, and take away its clients. This is exactly the case of the assumed fraud. Seeing the success and growth of AMS Technologies, several rival firms used malicious tactics for pulling down the organization in a bid for attracting investors who otherwise would have invested in AMS Technologies.

AMS Technologies faced it all

AMS Technologies was soaring at stupendous heights yet prior to touching its ultimate glory; its roots came into jeopardy. It had to face several false allegations and rumours against its working method. But AMS Technologies faced it all- contempt, humiliation, questioning and doubt, but despite all this they did not give up. It is indeed pertinent that in the present industry, cut throat competition undoubtedly is bound to surface an ugly turn yet the humiliation of AMS Technologies fraud was astonishing. But at the same time the harsh reality is that an organization that received such success and instant recognition is likely to fall prey of a few bad press. The hard-earned popularity and glory of this company was in shambles while its authority figures underwent a lot of criticism.

With a few simple steps and a hardcore plan, AMS Technologies involve individuals in the organization and treat them as partners rather than mere employees. This company has specially been built up keeping in mind the customers’ demands. For clearing the air, several investigations were carried out for extracting the truth. Eventually the evidence proved that the fallacies levied against the firm were a hoax undertaken by unhappy members and rival companies to spoil the enterprise’s image.

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Why Scam Didn’t Affect Us?

In the recent past you might have come across some negative campaigns that have been targeted against us. There were some posts in the Internet where there were some hateful posts that terms scam and our sister concern AMS Technologies scam. Though these campaigns were aimed at hurting our business prospects they have failed in their mission.


As a fast growing firm we have established a strong reputation in the market due to our professionalism. As they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same is true with our brand. Over the last five years the team has worked extremely hard to establish a strong reputation in the market. We have always challenged ourselves in striving for higher goals and kept updated with the latest technology and design trends. A malicious campaign isn’t strong enough to shake the foundations that we have laid.

Maximizing ROI

We have constantly looked at ways in which we can maximize the ROI for our clients. Offering services at highly competitive rates we have established ourselves among the top of the league design and marketing firms. We have helped in increasing the brand equity of our clients and stood by them during thick and thin. Thanks to this our clients trust us and have complete faith or our expertise. An odd hate campaign run against us won’t make much of a difference to this relationship.

Say No to Evil

We are a value based organization and always stressed on ethical practices be it in the way we deal with projects or in our general organizational culture. Though we have been able to identify people behind these campaigns we didn’t go about countering or paying them back in the same coin. Our only aim is to constantly grow by offering the right solutions to the clients.

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Steps Taken To Overcome AMS Technologies Scam Allegations

At AMS Technologies we have always excelled in challenging circumstances. But of late we have had to deal with a challenge that we least expected. There have been wild allegations made against us on some online forums terming AMS Technologies as scam. These allegations are intended to cause us business loss by hurting our brand image. We have had to devise a strategy to meet this challenge and ensure such campaigns don’t affect the morale of our team and our revenue.

  • Not Challenge Allegations – One thing that we have avoided doing is challenge these allegations on the forums. There is no issue in offering legitimacy to these complaints. Also this wouldn’t prevent the person or firm behind these malicious allegations to write a post on any other online forum or blog.
  • Set Higher Goals – Our management was quick to spot some of kind of apprehension amongst some of our team members who felt cheated and demoralized with this issue. They have set higher goals igniting the fire in the belly of the team to work harder and achieve higher goals. Even if these allegations are causing potential business loss the team will nullify if by achieving growth.
  • Communicate With Clients – We have always believed in having a very open relationship with our clients. Though we wouldn’t like one of our potential clients to come across such allegations we don’t try and brush the issue aside. If a client questions us about AMS Technologies complaints we explain our point to them.
  • Market Services Aggressively – This incident has also triggered aggressive marketing campaign on our behalf. Be it through PPC or the Social Media we are now aggressively marketing our services in a bid to reach out to potential clients the world over. We are also making use of reviews and testimonials that clients have written praising our services.

These strategies have helped us overcome these challenges and in fact help us get important leads through our aggressive marketing campaign.

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Why Scam Allegations Is Being Initiated Against Us?

In the last few months a malicious campaign has been initiated against us. There have been some posts on online forums where scam allegations have been made. These are completely baseless arguments that are intended to malign our brand name in the market and cause us business loss. Readers might wonder why someone would make such allegations against us. In the last five years our growth has been phenomenal. From a small startup we have become one of the fastest growing web development and Internet marketing firms in India. This certainly hasn’t gone down well with some of our rivals who haven’t been able to put up a similar show. Maligning our brand seems to be the best way to challenge our growth.

Such campaigns are nothing new to the corporate world. Engineering mischievous campaigns to target business rivals is as old as competitive business world. Internet has only made it easier as it hardly costs anything to run a vicious campaign. A potential client can easily be kept away by such posts. Have we suffered business loss due to this? We really can’t comment on that as many new leads might knocked someone’s else’s door after coming across such kinds of comments about our brand.

How are we countering this hateful campaign? Our existing clients are our biggest strength and we have always worked towards building a strong relationship with them. As a result we continue to enjoy a high retention rate after having served more than 500 clients over the years. Encouraging AMS Technologies client reviews have helped nullify the impact of such campaign as they appeal to our potential clients and reassure them about our services and professionals. Our clients have been kind enough to spread the word about us within their business circle and this has been one of the best sources of new projects.

We stand by our expertise and professionals and no malicious campaign can dent the mission of our team to rise and be counted.